Lamps Plus Mini Pendant Lights

Lamps Plus Mini Pendant Lights | 400 watt questionable sodium lamps are created to assist your indoor garden in reaching its full potential. Such a strategy is created for longevity, and the HPS lights are generally more resistance against potential damage. A typical lamp is composed of three parts; the reflector, the ballast, and the socket. The socket cord is generally between ten and twelve inches long, and they are created to hook into any hood system. The socket is easy to assemble or dissemble as is needed.

The reflector inside a questionable sodium lamp is constructed from heavy duty, lightweight sheet metal. It is specially treated to resist rust. A reflector should certainly produce direct light which will increase the overall light output that comes from your hood assembly. A horizontal shaped deflector allows the reflection of light straight to the plants as a result of proper downward reflection. A quality reflector in HPS lights will contain twelve “bends” for only light distribution without leading to hot spots for the reflector. Such knowledge is essential to get in order that a person understands how to choose a quality product.

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HPS lights also have a ballast. The ballast is protected by component enclosure housing. The housing is constructed from extruded aluminum. Fins for the housing with the ballast allow heat to securely dissipate without air vents. A ballast, itself, can serve as the idea the location where the heat dissipates from a fitting. High pressure sodium lamps require specifically engineered ballasts because of the high amount of one’s and electrical currents which they use. However, they’re remarkably power efficient for the power which they do consume, and the 400 watt bulb (i.e. Sylvania Lumalux 400W) has proven a favorite option among gardening enthusiasts. If the 400 watt bulb isn’t adequate to your requirements, then this bulbs appear in a tremendously wide selection of wattages.