Koncept Floor Lamp

Koncept Floor Lamp | If you want to decorate the house, try the palm tree floor lights. These plant-like lights look so amazing in a group. It is amazing how the manufacturers build a real looking palm tree. The truth is that these trees exist and they are generally charming. These trees add a tropical beauty to the home decoration. You can pick every design that pleases your vision. Some trees have lovely palm leaves, and some hanging coconuts. If you possess a recreation place outside the house, you might introduce some palm tree lamps.

The designers utilize the best rattan material to produce these lamps. Amazingly, these designers make these beautiful lights by hands. If you will be hosting a night time party indoors or outdoors, these kind of lamps are the most useful. You can easily make use of them to imitate the look of beach hotels, or pubs in the evening. One thing you should think of is the look of your interior and exterior design. These trees have different colors, including chocolate, natural green, ivory and cherry amongst others. A few palm tree lights have two color combinations.

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For instance, the tree might have a chocolate base, a chocolate trunk, chocolate coconut, and green leaves. You can find another palm tree, which can be entirely green, though the coconuts possess a chocolate color. In addition, you will find a tree with an ivory base, trunk, and coconuts, though the leaves are green. These are simple to match with a floor and walls finishes. During the day, the lamps can enhance the flowers and also other flowers. The tree trunk height could differ, but most styles are tall.