500 Watt Halogen Floor Lamp With Dimmer

500 Watt Halogen Floor Lamp With Dimmer | Marc Sadler is really a genius for straightforward yet unimaginable solutions

– take Twiggy, for example, an easy, flexible arc lamp.

One day he arrived to the organization and showed us something worth it to read: a fishing rod.

The designer believes the simple shape and suppleness with the material’s performance makes Twiggy unique and different from the other products available on the market: “The material is really a carbon/fiberglass mix, come up with having a binding resin. It has a high mechanical resistance and is also extremely light and ductile.” The fact that it is ductile enables the roll-out of shapes that have been ‘stretched’ towards the very limit and obtain unusually sized diffusers. The flexibility with the material defines the ample and essential curve with the arm that carries the sunlight source from the base, that’s height adjustable because of a process of counterweights, and length adjustable having a group of arm extensions.

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Twiggy Floor Lamp consist of linear sections, much like a fishing rod with the support for a tent. When it is taken apart it occupies almost no space as soon as it is assembled it curves harmoniously. A simple system of counterweights, in the space above the diffuser, allows the height to get adjusted at distances of 5 cm.

Twiggy’s base is also inspired with the image of a fishing rod emerge the ground, having a simple, light disc it doesn’t undertake much space. Yet, at the beginning with the project, it absolutely was a good metal body. Now it is an easy task to insert anywhere, even by sliding it with a table, a chair or even a carpet.

Twiggy is really a slender, natural symbol in space and because of this slender nature it can be marked with strong colors, to harmonize with any type of environment or taste.